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新港报告“语言文学”系列(第三讲)The iHarbour Lecture Series on Language & Literature

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第三讲 文学文化系列


“Foxy Ladies”: Female Anthropomorphism in the Short-stories of PU Songling and in European Folk Tales and Literature



讲座人:Dr. Edward Lewis



One of the major plot devices in PU Songling’s collection of short stories published in English asStrange Tales from a Chinese Studioare the activities of female characters who are revealed to be supernatural creatures in the form of foxes. Such animal succubae also feature in several traditions of European folk tales and literature. In continental Europe the mythology of the werewolf, a human who transforms into a wolf at the time of the full-moon, figures in folk-tales from as far afield as Spain and Russia, whilst the vampire, probably most well-known to a modern audience through Bram Stoker’s 19th Century classic novelDracula, traces its origins at least as far back as 15th Century Transylvania (now part of modern Romania).The lecture will examine similarities and differences between stories from different countries and will suggest that one critical analysis of these tales that different cultures share is concerned with male fears of female sexuality and the challenge it poses to patriarchal authority.



Edward Lewis is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and holds degrees from The Open, Lancaster and Cambridge universities. As well as teaching drama at several British universities he has taught theatre and English literature in several other countries including Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Belarus, Russia and Kurdistan. His major field of research is the adaptation of the novel for the stage. He is currently a Lecturer in English at XJTU. As well as his academic work he is a professional theatre director, actor and writer, having directed over 60 productions, acted in some 30 plays, television dramas and films and has written stage adaptations of several works including Charles Dickens’sOur Mutual Friend, Bram Stoker’sDracula, Aldous Huxley’sBrave New Worldand Margaret Atwood’sThe Handmaid’s Tale. He is currently working on adapting a selection of PU Songling’s stories for theatrical performance and on a book on popular television drama.

第三讲 语言认知系列


Network Language: Innovation and Cognition

讲座人:庞加光教授 Prof. PANG Jiaguang





In order to highlight their peculiarity and novelty, people involved in online communities create new, avant-garde or fashionable words, phrases or even sentences (e.g. “planting-grass” and “cherry-buyable”). It seems that these linguistic expressions are completely free from the constraints of grammatical rules or semantic norms. It is found that quite a few innovative expressions are derived from the joint work of different cognitive abilities and imaginative capabilities, such as metonymy, metaphor, association, virtuality, conceptual integration, and among others. In brief, underlying the creative online language is the mental construction of meaning.



PANG Jiaguang, professor and supervisor for postgraduates at School of Foreign Studies at Xi'an Jiaotong University, earned his PhD degree in English Language and Literature from School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University. His research focuses on cognitive linguistics and theoretical linguistics, with current interests in Chinese argument structure, function words, and word class,etc. He is the author of“A Cognitive Grammar Account of Nominal Predication in Chinese”(2015, Xi’an Jiaotong University Press) and“A Cognitive Study of Chinese syntax”(2017, Science Press), and published near 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is also in charge of 3 research projects funded by Ministry of Education and the provincial government, and serves as the anonymous reviewer of several peer-reviewed journals.




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